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WHAT IS UnashamedTV

The purpose of UnashamedTV is to broadcast talent and the gift of believers to the world, by raising the awareness of Christians who are unashamed to express God’s glory in their existence. Our aim is to promote the kingdom of God by using what God has put inside each one of us. UnashamedTV also creates a platform to showcase up and coming acts through their various talents.

TYPE OF Sessions

Our sessions include musical pieces such as acoustic sessions, worship medley sessions, unashamed bars session and cover sessions. away from music we do a 5 Minute Word session, dance sessions and we also produce short films/series.


UnashamedTV creates a platform to showcase up and coming acts through their various talents through various forms of media.


  • Goals and Vision?
  • Our Motto
  • Our Mission

Our goals and vision for UnashamedTV is to inspire a generation to use their gift and talent for its true purpose and that is to uplift the kingdom of God and to expose God’s glory to the world.  Our vision is for UnashamedTV to be around from generation to generation by continuously evolving and having an impact in the world.

Our motto is “using your God given talent to inspire others”, at UnashamedTV we want every single person alive to not sleep on their gifts and talents that God has put inside of them. We want them to be like the three people in Matthew 25:15 who increased their talent by bringing out what they already had and they served their talent to the world.

We aim to create and maintain a lasting broadcasting network that will continue to showcase the talent and the gifts that people have. We also aim to have a positive influence on our society through the word of God. UnashamedTV is geared to challenge the modern youthful outlook and to help harness rare talents.