Lord help us to remember that when things get taken away or removed from our lives it’s not to punish or to shame.

Many times it’s to save us or to mature us, to enable us to see we need you more than ‘things’.Boilers go, cars break down, jobs are lost but you Lord are the constant. Besties leave, promises are broken, idols fall short but you Lord are everlasting.

To those of you who mourn and pine over those ‘things’ and relationships which are no more, remember our view of them was at best one dimensional. God who sees all things and from whom nothing is hidden can see what would have eventually caused us harm.

Ok a boiler is a boiler and a car just a car but some people don’t even have shoes to make their treacherous journeys by foot. Some dream of the day when clean water will flow from a tap let alone it being hot. Unfortunately the world we live in today is so fast and impatient we often fail to see the vast array of blessings we are in constant receipt of. I mean when is the last time you thanked God that you had a sound mind? Don’t be forced to succumb to the societal norm of materialistic, throw away thinking.

So going back to God giving our lives an unwanted spring clean…if you have matured, grown, increased or humbled during your time of perceived loss of things and people Give God Glory! Remember EVERYTHING he does is working out for your good. He has your hearts desire in mind as he directs your path. He just knows the best way to get there and what needs to be removed to fulfil your destiny.


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