Do you trust God? Not love him. Trust him! Will you be ok if he decides that your hearts desire is actually no good for you. Would you be able to accept if he keeps a door that you are desperate to get open firmly shut?

I’ve picked the locks on a few doors in my time. Thinking yeah I got this! Like how bad can it actually be! Well it was bad and what I didn’t pay for physically I paid for spiritually. Them spiritual repercussions go deep and can take a lifetime to ‘fix’ manifesting themselves in many areas of your life for seasons to come. You’ll be asking yourself why did I pick that lock?

So I ask again. Do you trust God?… because to love him is to trust him.. In trusting him you will allow his plan for your life to gain momentum and you will naturally be ushered through the right doors. We can all be a bit stubborn and impatient and that combination can leave us sitting on the wrong side of God’s will because we ‘think’ we know it all and ‘think’ we’re running out of time…but why do we leave ourselves OVERTHINKING when we can rest and TRUST in the sweet knowledge that God our father, creator of the universe, giver of our gifts and author and finisher of our faith has it covered.

Let’s not make God redundant in our lives, it will always mark the beginning of problems and storms. Instead we must position ourselves safely in him and trust him to bring us to exactly where we need to be. Fit for purpose. Poised for success.


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