#UNASHAMED of who I am or how I look or how God made me?

I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well. (Psalms 139:14 NCV)

Your beauty is defined by God, not man!

I AM beautiful. No ifs buts and maybes. I am beautiful and I don’t need anyone to validate that!

Sounds a bit pompous doesn’t it? But really and truly it’s not, (as long as your not being arrogant about it) I am just declaring that I have been uniquely made by the very hand of God, and everything God makes is beautiful, right? Then we all are a part of that beauty. Think about it for a second; God made us.

When I think about it I see the hand of God drawing out blueprints of how he wants each and every one of us, using the eraser where things weren’t perfect and where things didn’t look right, holding the picture up in the light and checking everything’s perfect, making sure we are uniquely and perfectly designed and not stopping until it is, spending hours on end for just one person. Not only in our looks, but also in our personalities, gifts, talents, our characteristics, our futures, potentials and destinies; our entire being.

Imagine working hours on end without a break, breaking your back to make something so perfect even focusing on the most intricate part of something, for someone to turn around and say “that’s not good enough”, “why did you do it that way”, “that’s ugly”. You would be distraught I would imagine or even angry and upset.

I believe it’s the same with God when his very creation and design don’t admire and love his handiworks, when we turn around and say “my nose is so flat/pointy, why did God make me this way”, “why couldn’t I be taller”, “why are my eyes so big”, “why couldn’t I have more muscles” and so on. I too have been guilty of questioning Gods creation, looking in the mirror and asking God why He would create me in such a way, there was a point in time I was just so unhappy in the way I looked and it gave me such low self esteem, and that’s not who I am, but in the midst of that God spoke to me and He said “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”. In the midst of my ungodly feelings of myself God stepped in, stopped me in my thinking and told me otherwise. Sometimes as women and girls we can feel on cloud 9 when a guy compliments us and say that we are beautiful, and the same with the guys, but when God says it, there are no words to describe the feeling. The Almighty God who made heaven and earth is telling you that you are beautiful? Mans words will not be able to move you!

It is so easy to let people convince you other wise, that your not good enough, that your not pretty enough, your too short and too fat. The media convey beauty that you skin has to be free of every wrinkle, spot, and blemish, your lips have to be big but not too big, you have to be a size 10 at the most and even then that’s plus size, your teeth have to be all straight and white and the list can go on. We allow people and the things we watch to dictate our beauty but true beauty comes from God, just the way you are right now, in your current state. Don’t allow the world to dictate who you are and how you should look, rather allow the bible and what God has said about you dictate your life. Embrace every curve, bump and mark, because if God created you, (which he did) YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Today, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, point out all the areas you wish you could change, and tell them they are beautiful. Place a couple of sticky notes or paper on your mirror with words of encouragement or bible verses, anything that tell you you are beautiful, wonderful, amazing, made in the image of God, that God loves you just the way you are etc anything!


Father, please help me. I don’t love myself in the way which I ought to. I know you have created me this way, but I find it hard to see the beauty in me. Help me to understand I have no flaws in the way I look is perfect to you, and that you love me just the way that I am. Forgive me for doubting your handiworks. Let my beauty be defined by your word and what you says. Lord help me to know daily that I am beautiful because you said so. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


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